How to join MOOC courses?

           Go to any of the MOOC providers (such as: Elsevier, edX, Coursera, Future Learn, Open 2 Study, Swayam or any others) and join them by registering an email account with your permanent email id. MOOC providers pick the contemporary and latest knowledge for learners. Thereafter all the course offers, updates, due dates and other relevant information will be delivered to your inbox on time. Usually there will be a series of videos to deliver the lectures while being supported by pdf notes simultaneously and of course assessed by quizzes, tutorials, seminars and finally ended up with examinations. If you want to know how the MOOC being created, then click here for. MOOC learners are also supported with android and iOS software for their mobile devices and feel free to get one through the followings :

Advan-kt has also categorized the MOOC into Major Fields : || Skills Training || Architecture || Art & Culture Courses || Oil & Gas || Biology & Life Sciences || Medical || Business & Management || Chemistry || Communication || Computer Science || Data Analysis & Statistics || Design || Economics & Finance || Education & Teacher Training || Electronics || Energy & Earth Sciences || Engineering || Environmental Studies || Ethics || Food Nutrition || Health Safety || History || Humanities || Language || Law || Literature || Math || Medicine || Music || Philosophy Ethics || Physics || Science || Social Science || Language Learning || Information Technology || Physical Science and Engineering || Education || Life Sciences || Personal Development || Math and Logic || Data Science || STEM Teaching || Practical Data Mining || Introducing Robotics ||

What are the elements in MOOC ?

1) LEARN FROM VIDEOS: once register for MOOC using email id, you will be allowed to access the courses with lecture-videos

2) PRINT THE LECTURE NOTES: lecture-videos are supported by lecture notes which contained all the lecture information and it is being provided in printable pdf format

3) ANSWER ALL THE QUIZZES AND TUTORIALS: while learning the lectures through pre-recorded videos, learners will be assessed by quizzes and tutorials

4) COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT: there will be independent assignments for the courses but it can be analysed and discussed through the students forum, established by the time the learners registered (Save students copy for ref)

5) RECORD THE PROGRESS: as the module goes on for several weeks, the learners can track their performance anytime throughout the period for improvement (recording of this portion is acceptable for credit transfer)

6) VERIFIED CERTIFICATE IS MUST FOR PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP: there will be a final examination to complete the courses and 65% of marks guarantee a completion. Verified National IDs are compulsory for Verified Certificates

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How to convert MOOC certificates into degrees

(Email correspondence between Aaron, Nasim and Advan-kt (

Dear Sir,

I have completed a numbers of coursera courses. How can I convert those certificates into a bachelor degree? Pls find attachment.


Dear Aaron,

Welcome to Advan-kt.

I have received your documents but I need your CV/RESUME with scanned photograph so we can give you offer letter with reduced fees, as we have funds for. So pls send us your particulars immediately as we have 3 universities and 5 colleges for certifications/awards. Before that, pls go through this page for complete info:

Thank you,

Assist. Prof. Maheshwary Kanniappan
BSc (Maths), BEng(EEEng), M.Phil(Solar)
Advan-kt Europe Team

Dear Sir,

Can I convert my MOOC certificates into Bachelor Degree? My certificates are attached hereby.

Thank You,
Nasim Aalam

Dear Nasim Aalam,

Welcome to Advan-kt for bachelor degrees programs under APEL.

Pls visit for complete info. Although you have 7 MOOC certificates by now, we need 5 more for Diploma award and 17 more + a project report for bachelor degrees. Out of these 17 modules, some can be management modules to cover softskill part.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Pravin Kumar, PhD
Advan-kt Malaysia

Application Form is linked here

MOOC-Based Graduates for Batch 3, 2017

Kalaiarasan Revi

Bachelor Project Title : Supply Chain Integration into e-Procurement Implementation [Fee : USD 2650, Scholarship USD 2050]

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of e-procurement implementation into businesses from small to medium scales. The fundamental principles of businesses are remained the same as it is, while e-procurement implementation is expected to further ease the goods availability. This observational study is categorized under the descriptive research methodology for which the data is collected through structured questionnaire from several companies. The primary components that involve in this research are: i) frequencies and ii) percentages of success. The final data is analysed through the factor analysis and regression analysis. Evidence shows that the efficiency depends on the centralization of the process rather than single person controlled mechanism. Minor aspects do affect but major aspects play crucial role is successful rate. Finally our study propose an internal integration of function would lead the success rate to higher than the current practice.

Arin Lee

Bachelor Project Title : Monitoring the Efficiency of Supply Chain Management in Industrial Practise (A Case Study)[Fee : USD 2650, Scholarship USD 2050]

Monitoring the efficiency of supply chain management in industrial practise becomes an essential for MNC companies. This objective is, as a matter of fact, gained significance among companies despite the geographical concerns. As such, in this report I have considered the efficiency of 'Company X' from China in relation to the fundamental concepts of supply chain management. This project uses, some of the Big Data information from 'Company X', which was published in one of the international journal. With the usefulness of Big Data analysis that was initially done by using the Microsoft Power BI, the analysis become easy as ever. Technically considered: the inbound logistics become subject matter for many manufacturers and retailers, when priority is questioned. This ideology is important because it reduces the cost in overall and improve the efficiency in supply chain management. However still some company focuses on outbound logistics rather than powering up the inbound. What would be the result if I do align both parameters to certain extent where an absolute efficiency is yielded.

Eun Hea Choi

Bachelor Project Title : Analysing the Performance of Staffs in Logistics Business : A Case Study [Fee : USD 2650, Scholarship USD 2050]

In logistics business: the autonomic, neutral and practice-oriented aspects are contributing factors to win the heart of internal workers for continuous performance. To what extent this ideology works for the food product retailers is the objective of this project as I have considered the Lam Din Food Products, located in Busan, South Korea for inspections. The Supply Chain Management (SCM) was closely monitored for 30 days on overall basis, to characterize the working pattern while sorting out the real factors that affect the smooth flow. Some internal issues and business ethics do affect the staffs from performing well, although it was said to be local custom in Busan, but honestly pave ways for improvement. In this project, eventually, a set of recommendations was drafted and subsequently it was submitted to the management for consideration. The primary setback point is that the company adamant on several internal rules to limit autonomous reaction to delay and breakdown cases. The way analyzing the issues and characterizing the working pattern becomes new problem solving technique and the final recommendation improves the performance by 22% over 6 months time.

Hyorin Lee

Bachelor Project Title : An Observation on the Criticality in Logistic Business during Emergency Situations [Fee : USD 2650, Scholarship USD 2050]

From Feb 11, 2017 to Nov 28, 2017: North Korea has conducted various missiles programs for 16 times in its land and to what extent these programs have dismayed the regular logistics business around border-cities of South Korea is the quest of this report. It was taken as surveys, 30 similar questions were distributed to 120 logistic personals from Goseong, Yanggu, Hwacheon, Cheorwon, Yeoncheon and Paju; the absolute border cities of South Korea to North Korea. This sort of studies will help to understand the difficulties in logistics business, particularly to food industries, when neighbour countries impose severe threat in the continent. Although various reasons were given in the survey, only the precise points that affected the logistic business were taken into account. The survey result shows multiple points but the inaccurate news and speculations being the highest threatening points in logistic business but local government agencies have well handle it during peak tensions. Eventually, a contingency plan of storing more food products at district levels have eased the critical days in 2017.

Diploma Project Report

Haekyung Jeon

Diploma Project Title : Logistics Projects Need A Controlling Mechanism [Fee : USD 2150, Scholarship USD 1750]

Logistics projects are usually defined as a combination of complex, special and unique sets of activities that have technical and economical elements in each and every corner of it. Technically the elements are confined by the cost, time, geographical means and several other superficial means too. Hence the controlling mechanism of a logistics project is, in fact, a process of measuring progress toward an objective. The continuous evaluation and monitorization of progress becomes the key success in it, while the corrective measures gain significance in maintaining customers in long run. This project paper explores the fundamental concept of controlling mechanism that boost the logistics business in its scale.

Academic perspective

           The Mass Open Online Courses are globally regarded as the right choice of education for modern era and therefore numerous discussions and publications been done in recent years. Some of them are listed below for better understanding. As to know more about it through social media, pls click the MOOC NEWS . Or directly click the pdf logo below to access the doctoral and post doctoral publications.

Leaders believe that the educational system should be transformed into modern era by complying to online system. Although some major educational programs require practical or experimental work, it can be substituted by virtual reality laboratory or virtual reality experimenter for time being. Labster virtual laboratory has helped 1 Million students in 2020 across the globe. Indian government has initiated some virtual laboratory ( VLab ) for free.