Publishing Book for Academic/Industrial Needs

           Advan-kt helps for a complete book production from type setting to language edition exclusively. However, it is openly advised to have own ideas so the author retains his/her intellectual properties. Send us book proposal with table of contents and funding ideas. The applicant may come up with open access policies to reach wide readers but not a must. Send email to to liase with our coordinators.

Publishing Categories

Publish a book chapter in coherence with book subject

Publish thesis into a book

Convert published book into awards

Entrepreneur Authors

           Entrepreneur Authors program is designed to turn your ideas and expertise into a book in as little as six months. Our team of publishing professionals will guide you from book concept to promotion, so you can build your brand and your business just like that. Send proposal to to liase with our coordinators.

CEOs Publishing Institution

           CEOs Publishing Institution helps a CEO to publish his monograph into thesis/book. By publishing so, a CEO can contribute his experience into academic information and it is as similar as Industrial-PhD. Kindly send your proposal to to liase with our coordinators, if you are a CEO.