Korean Special Program Coordinator

Dr. Lee Woo Yong has completed his Doctor of Philosophy under Advan-kt and working as Associate Professor in South Korea. He was graduated with MBA from Anglia Ruskin University UK before joining Advan-kt. Apart from his full time job, he handles several language-based programs and; international trading and logistics program for Advan-kt. His company, SW Solutions , is the sole partner of Advan-kt in Korea.

Current MOOC Students' List

Students' ID Full Name Country Category
M60112109 ARIN LEE South Korea Degree (SUSL)
M48004872 HYO-RIN LEE South Korea Degree (SUSL)
M20246673 EUN HEA CHOI South Korea Degree (SUSL)
M29971284 HAE KYUNG JEON South Korea Diploma (SUSL)
M15193291 WOLBUN KANG South Korea Diploma (VUI)

Certificate/Diploma in English

Bachelor's Degree Program through MOOC

Dr. Lee is the person-in-charge for the Bachelor's Degree Program for African people to work in Korea as English Teacher. So kindly find him in Linkedin to connect or email us at researchers@advan-kt.com