nature, EDITORIAL | 18 January 2023

PhD training is no longer fit for purpose — it needs reform now

If researchers are to meet society’s expectations, their training and mentoring must escape the nineteenth century

Graduation day for PhD scholars at the University of Bologna, Italy. Doctoral assessment in most countries is largely unchanged since the nineteenth century
How to calculate the sheeps ?

UC Berkeley, Spronken-Smith Rachel | 2018


The traditional apprenticeship model for PhD education involves supervisors mentoring students through a substantive research project and ultimately into academia

Although about half of PhD graduates enter careers beyond academia, this apprenticeship model, with a narrow focus on thesis research has continued to dominate in many countries

The Guardian, Julian Kirchherr | 2018

A PhD should be about improving society, not chasing academic kudos

Too much research is aimed at insular academic circles rather than the real world. Let’s fix this broken system

Most academic work is shared only with a particular scientific community, rather than policymakers or businesses, which makes it entirely disconnected from practice.’ Photograph: Alamy (©TheGuardian)

American Chemical Society, Qi Cui and Jordan Harshman | 2023

Reforming Doctoral Education through the Lens of Professional Socialization to Train the Next Generation of Chemists

Several national organizations in the United States have questioned the effectiveness of doctoral education in chemistry in preparing and training doctoral students for their desired professional pathways outside of academia

We conducted the discriminant analysis to identify the relative importance of the factors that best distinguish academic and nonacademic job sectors

Times Higher Education, Anonymous | 2017

Of monsters and mentors: PhD disasters, and how to avoid them

Despite all that’s been done to improve doctoral study, horror stories keep coming. Here three students relate PhD nightmares while two academics advise on how to ensure a successful supervision

I had never felt so helpless in my life. The university wholly and blindly supported my supervisors, ignored my concerns and suggested, again, that I was making things up

Discoverphds, Editorial | 2017

PhD Failure Rate – A Study of 26,076 PhD Candidates

The PhD failure rate in the UK is 19.5%, with 16.2% of students leaving their PhD programme early, and 3.3% of students failing their viva. 80.5% of all students who enrol onto a PhD programme successfully complete it and are awarded a doctorate

Breakdown of all possible outcomes for PhD candidates based on analysis of 26,076 candidates at 14 universities between 2006 to 2017 (©discoverphds)

Advan-kt, EDITORIAL | 2023

Thesis Pages vs. Contents

Which one is important at doctoral level between the thesis pages and the contents?

You can compare it for your understanding ?