ADVAN-KT (Advancing the Knowledge Transfer) promotes the mass open online courses (MOOC) from top 100 universities (Times Higher Education) in addition to coordinate the research students, supervisors and examiners for the master and doctoral researches. We have facilitated the PhD by Publication or Thesis, Industrial Doctorate and Honorary Doctorates for 5 Universities.

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Who Generate Knowledge ?

Sir Isaac Newton has conceptualized the theory of gravity in the beginning of 17th century. It was truly appreciated as an original contribution for the knowledge community; highly regarded as a discovery for mankind and a great invention of set of formulae for academic. From then on, people see it as ultimatum in physics and widely use it as knowledge contribution for several centuries. In 19th century, Albert Einstein has declared it as an incomplete idea and consequently overthrew it. So those people who accepted and accredited it for 200 years are now, being questioned for their credibilities in the field. Similarly, some portion of the Albert Einstein theory is incompactible today, with string theory created by Dr. Michio Kaku and his fellows. So technically, to whom the rights and previlages of accreditating 'the contemporary and cutting edge knowledge' should be given? Times Higher Education determines the university ranking for half century; giving priority about 60% for the new knowledge generation !

Ask the university that says it is a top 1% in the world: "How many discoveries or inventions do you have ?"

Credit Transfer Into

Faculty of Engineering : Diploma / Advanced Diploma / BSc(Hons) / B.Eng(Hons) / M.Eng(Hons) / M.Sc ( Electrical / Electronics / Mechanical / Mechatronics / Marine / Automotive / etc )

Faculty of Business, Accounting and Management : Diploma / Advanced Diploma / BBA(Hons) / MBA ( General Management / MOOC Education / Medical Business / Engineering Management / Aviation Management / etc )

Faculty of Law : Diploma / Graduate Diploma / BL(Hons) / ML ( International Business Law / Human Rights Law / Intellectual Property Law / Cybercrime Law / Bankruptcy Law / Banking Law / Commercial Law / Dispute Resolution / Entertainment and Media Law / Information Technology Law / Insurance Law / Law and Economics and etc )

Faculty of Social Science : Diploma / BSSc(Hons) / BSc(Hons) / MSc / MSSc ( Social Science / Anthropology / Archaeology / Economics / History / Human Geography / Political Science / Psychology / Public Health / Sociology and etc )

Faculty of Computer Science and ICT : Diploma / Advance Diploma / BCS(Hons) / MSc / MCA ( Modern Programs / ICT / Networking / Data Science / Cybersecurity / Virtual Reality / etc )

Faculty of Education : Diploma / Advance Diploma / BA(Hons) / BEdu(Hons) / MEdu / MA ( Primary Education / Secondary Education / STEM / MOOC Education / Linguistics / Early Childhood Education / Special Needs Education and etc )

Faculty of Industrial Studies : Diploma / Advance Diploma / BSc(Hons) ( Manufacturing / Industrial Robotics / Industrial Computation / Industrial Automotion / etc )

Faculty of Medical and Health Care Studies : Diploma / Advance Diploma / BSc(Hons) ( Health Care / Medical Science / Dental Science / Applied Science / etc )

Top 100 Universities MOOC      

MOOC is free to learn but Advan-kt needs certificates or progress record or apel portfolio for credit transfer. As for the MOOC based application, thus: Diploma requires 12 MOOC*; Associate Bachelor requires 18 MOOC**; Bachelor Degree requires 24/30 MOOC^; and Master Degree requires 36/40 MOOC^^. MOOC must be in coherence to subject matter from Top 100 Universities (Time Higher Education) and learners are advised to record their examination or progress as video-file for classification purpose(1st Class, 2nd Class Upper, 2nd Class Lower and etc). The MOOC clusters have been segmented into faculties, which are tabulated below. Please note that there are about 220 MOOC courses being given for free with certificates and Advan-kt accept it for credit transfer. Say 'THANKS' to the people who generated knowledge for FREE !

*plus small group/individual project report for science/commerce field
**plus small group/individual project report for science/commerce field
^plus individual project report and video presentation for science/art/commerce field
^^plus capstone project report and video presentation for science/art/commerce field

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