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MOOC Based Education

MS-EE Colorado University
MSc-ME Washington University
MSc Nuclear Science and Technology University of Manchester
Diplomas/B.Eng(Hons)/M.Eng(Hons)/MSc Advan-kt Consortium Universities
MBA University of People
iMBA University of Illinois
iMSA University of Illinois
Master(Constr M'Ment) University of Coventry
Diplomas/MBA/MSA/MM'Ment Advan-kt Consortium Universities
LLM in International Business Law University of Liverpool
Diplomas/BL/MLaw Advan-kt Consortium Universities
BA- Integrated SS Washington University
Diplomas/BSSc(Hons)/BSc(Hons)/MSc/MSSc Advan-kt Consortium Universities
MSc(OMSCS) Georgia Tech
MSc(OMSA) Georgia Tech
MSc(Cyber Security) Deakin University
MSc (Data Science) University of Illinois
Diplomas/BCSc(Hons)/MSc Advan-kt Consortium Universities
Diplomas/BEdu(Hons)/MEdu Advan-kt Consortium Universities
MSc in Data ScienceMicrosoft Professional Program
MSc in Cybersecurity IBM Professional Program in Cybersecurity
Diplomas/BSc(Hons) in Data Science Advan-kt Consortium Universities
BSc (Hons) Health Care Management Advan-kt Consortium Universities
BSc Biotechnology Advan-kt Consortium Universities
BSc (Health Science) University of People
MSc Health Care Management Advan-kt Consortium Universities
MSc Epidemiology Utrecht University
Master of Public Health University of Michigan
MSc (Nursing) University of Coventry
MSc-CIP Washington University
MSc Clinical Pharmacy University of Manchester
MSc Applied Neuroscience King's College London
ELSEVIER MOOC Prepares Med Students for USA-Licensing Exam
ELSEVIER Launches ExamPrep, New Medical Exam Preparation and Simulation Tool for Medical Students

Hypocrisy in Education

Learn from the copycats who show building, swimingpool, tennis court, beautiful campus, local agencies but not the knowledge that they have generated for world!

ASK YOUR UNIVERSITY : "What Did You Discover for Knowledge Community ?"

Walter Lewin

Walter Hendrik Gustav Lewin is a Dutch astrophysicist and former professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the one who discovered the phenomena of RAINBOW. Before his publication, it was mentioned as godly phenomena.

BOOK PUBLISHING: "Varieties of Yoga: The Practitioners Perspective"

Editing Period : August 2018 - Jan 2019
Publishing and Promoting Period : Feb-March 2019 with ISBN identification.
Varieties of Yoga: The Practitioners Perspective
Chapter 1 : Introduction to Yoga;
Chapter 2 : Sivananda Yoga;
Chapter 3 : Laya Yoga;
Chapter 4 : Hatha Yoga;
Chapter 5 : Vinyasa Yoga ;
Chapter 6 : Anusara Yoga ;
Chapter 7 : Bikram Yoga ;
Chapter 8 : Power Yoga ;
Chapter 9 : Ashtanga Yoga;
Chapter 10 : Viniyoga Yoga
(This e-book/hard cover book will be guided and edited by Prof. Nachimani Charde, which is expected to have 10 chapters pertaining to the varieties of yoga practises. It focuses on the experiences of learners rather than mere yoga information.)

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