Double PhD (DDr) by Prior Publication or Existing Published

           Double Doctor of Philosophy (DDr) by Prior Publication or Existing Published or Series of Publication is a doctoral-level award and it is being awarded to the persons who have published books or articles in journals or articles in magazines or in similar means. Contents of the publications must be new knowledge contributions and contemporary but two Institution will examine the thesis. Scientific contents can be backdated up to 10 years and it is still acceptable for consideration. In the Medical field, 3 ISI journal publications are required while in Engineering or Science field, 5 journal publications are primarily counted for. Any publication in the conference series will completely be rejected unless it has ISI-series status. The contents must have coherence in their order for journal publication and as for the book publication, it is not so. The normal procedure is that the eligible candidates have to apply through our system, which is given here . The required documents are i) a list of publications, ii) a detailed CV, and iii) a photograph. Three members of the panel will evaluate the application once it reaches us, as to finalize and recommend it to the senate of Universities. However, the final decision lies in the hand of the University's senate. The fee is a must in this mode after the successful acceptance by universities. A minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months may consume for the entire process or so. The Ph.D. Viva Voce Exam is compulsory for this mode but skype presentation is acceptable for exceptional cases.

(Field : Medical Sciences, Biotechnology, Applied Sciences, Mechanical and Material Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering, Engineering Sciences, General Sciences, Social Sciences, Commerce, Agriculture, Arts, Computer Sciences, Journalism, Information Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Internet of Things, Data Science, Business, Management, Accountancy and etc) Industrial PhDIndustrial PhD

All students must undergo ELSEVIER's free online courses prior to commencing their doctoral thesis writing process! Once completed, the students have to discuss it with our academician to understand it better. Click here for the thesis format.

Double PhD by Journal Publication (The thesis remains the same as that of the PhD by Prior Publication)

Thesis Format

PhD by Publication

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List of Universities that offers double PhD by Prior Publication

Joint PhD by Thesis vs. Double PhD by Prior Publication

           It should be noted here that the Joint PhD is not the same as the Double PhD by Prior Publication. A joint PhD is a doctoral programme that is awarded by two or more universities in collaboration with each other. Also known as cotutelle PhDs, these degrees offer students the opportunity to spend their time at more than one university, benefiting from parallels between different research specialisms at each institution whereas the Double PhD by Prior Publication does not require any on-campus attendance. However, the thesis of both award (Joint PhD and Double PhD by Prior Publication) will contain four examiners (two external examiners and two internal examiners) signatures. Also note that this doctoral degree carries a 'DDr' title as compared to a 'Dr' title for a PhD.

List of Universities that offers the Joint PhD