ADVAN-KT delivers the contemporary and cutting edge knowledge, related to Tuition-Free and Free Education. As for the persons who focus on specialized jobs, then MOOC is ideal to re-skill them. This include the Chartered Manager, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Engineers and etc.

Professional Employment

Academia (Doctoral/Post-Doctoral/Other Positions) : Researcher , Proof Reader, Academic Writer, Reviewer and Editor

Engineering : Analytical Engineer (Mining Engineering), Design Engineer (Solar Energy Engineering), Design Engineer (Power Electronics), Design Engineer (Artificial Intelligence), Design Engineer (Robotics), CAD/CAM Design Engineer, Process Engineer(Vacuum Systems and Technology), Automotive Design Engineer(Modern Systems), Mobile Robot Designer, Manufacturing Manager, Manager in Oil and Gas Industry ......

.......... , Construction Manager. Managers, Legal Experts, Economists, Computer Scientist, Industrial Experts, Health Care Experts, etc.

Corporate Trainings

§ Advan-kt's Corporate Training § Critical Thinking & Problem Solving § Teamwork & Collaboration § Storytelling in the Workplace § Public Speaking § Visual Presentation § Managing Conflicts § Working in Multidisciplinary Teams § Embracing Diversity § Entrepreneurs without borders § Managing Changes § Customer Service § Professional Writing § Word Processing Using Microsoft Word § Spreadsheets § Time and Stress Management § Teamwork & Collaboration § Working in Teams: A Practical Guide § Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making § Lean Manufacturing § Six Sigma § Operations Management § Human Resources (HR) § Mergers & Acquisitions § Brokerage Operations § Management for a Competitive Edge § Project Management §

"Chartered" MOOC

Professional association or professional society is usually a nonprofit organization seeking to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession and the public interest. Advan-kt has listed some of the professional associations and societies that are actively thinking or started their MOOC already.

» Association of Chartered Certified Accountants    » Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales    » Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI)    » Institution of Engineers Australia    » Institution of Engineering and Technology    » IEEE Standards University    » Law Society of Ireland    » British Council    » Amnesty International    » Physiology Society    » International Society For Extracellular Vesicles    » United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization    » International Organization for Standardization    » International Electrotechnical Commission    » Global Labour University    » Chartered Construction Manager    » Chartered Management Institute    » Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development   Chartered Institute of Legal Executives   The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy    »

Course 1: (4 Credit Hours): Business Communication
Course 2: (4 Credit Hours): Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Course 3: (4 Credit Hours): Teamwork & Collaboration
Course 4: (4 Credit Hours): Storytelling in the Workplace
Course 5: (4 Credit Hours): Public Speaking
Course 6: (4 Credit Hours): Visual Presentation
These courses are really free under MOOC scheme. These modules carry 4 credit hours, each. So these modules give a total of 24 credit hours in our Executive MBA Program. We need extra, 18 modules without bachelor degree. With degree or diploma + 10 years experience, we need only 6 more modules from the list given below. Or with these modules, a master capstone project for MBA completion.

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