International Opening for Post-Doctoral Studies

           PhD holders are somewhat expecting respect from their professional societies. However, this varies from ordinary doctoral degree holders to award winners as research outcome speaks for oneself. Thus, some doctoral graduates are still strongly believing that they will be highly regarded and free from academic or research duties once their PhD is completed. As a matter of fact, it is not absolutely true. Very frequently a doctoral graduate may hear the question that: "what would you do after your PhD completion?". The answer is simple and straightforward. He/she may further his/her research to the next level whereby junior researchers work to improve the fields while you guide them accordingly. By doing so, you will become one of the researchers or post-doctoral researchers, or research fellows. Advan-kt receives applications from various countries for second and third PhD awards but universities senates reject them without a second thought. This is an abnormal case because doctoral candidates should contribute deeply to further research rather than focusing on numerous degrees. In this section, the international postdoctoral opportunities are listed for :

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